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New 4 X CR123A CR123 Lithium Photo Batteries
CR123A Batteries

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Description Technical Specifications
Four new high capacity CR123A Lithium universal batteries. The common type of battery is used in a great many cameras. Excellent shelf life of 10 years and 0.5 percent capacity loss per year at room temperature. It also supplies the power for the popular SURE-FIRE Flashlight. Last four times longer than ordinary alkaline batteries in high-drain devices like digital cameras. In flash units, they powers three times more flashes with a consistent, quick 8-second recycle time. Great for use in digital cameras, palm pilots, pagers, CD players, MP3 players, metal detectors, pocket flashlight, remote controls, game boys, children's toys and much more! Work for the following cameras:

Konika Minolta
Kyocera Contax

Canon EOS-30, EOS-3000N, EOS-30V Date New, EOS-33, EOS-33V New, EOS-500, EOS-500N, EOS-66, EOS-7, EOS-88, EOS-IX, EOS-IX E, EOS-Kiss, EOS-Rebel G, EOS-Rebel X, EOS-Rebel XS, EOS-Rebel XS N Date, Rebel G II 35-80

Canon M, M Date

Canon Sure Shot 105 Date, 105 Zoom, 105 Zoom S, 105Z, 60, 60 Zoom, 70 Zoom, 70 Zoom Date, 76 Zoom, 80, 80 Date, 80 Tele, 80 Zoom, 85, 85 Zoom, 85 Zoom Date, A1, A1 Panorama Date, A1 Underwater, Caption, K , Look, Max, Max Date, Mini, Sleek, Sport, Tele Max, Tele Max Date, Z115, Z115 Caption, Z135, Z155, Z70W, Z70W Caption, Z85, Z85 Caption, Z90W, Zoom Max, Zoom Max Caption, Zoom Max Date

Canon Pocket Zoom 70M-AF AD

Canon Prima 5, 5 Date, AS-1, AS-1 AllSport, BF Twin, Mini, Mini II, Twin S Date

Canon Prima Super 105, 105X, 115, 115 Caption, 115N, 135, 135 Caption, 135N, 155, 155 Caption, 155N, 28, 28 Caption, 28N, 28V, 85, 90 Caption, 90 Wide

Canon Prima Zoom 65, 70F, 76, 85, 85N, Mini, Mini Caption, Shot

Canon AutoBoy BF80, 155, A (Ace), A XL, D5, EPO, F, F XL, J(Jack), Juno, Juno 76, Luna, Luna 105, Luna 105 S, Luna 35, Luna 85, Luna XL, Mini J, Mini T (Tele), S (Super), S XL, SII XL

Fuji / Fujifilm:

Fuji 310 MRC

Fuji Big Viewfinder 50AF

Fuji Discovery 1000, 1000Zoom, 2000, 270Zoom, 290, 290 Date, 312 Zoom, 320 Zoom, 320 ZoomDate, 400, 900 Zoom, Mini Zoom Date, S1050 Zoom Date, S1200 Zoom Date, S1450 Zoom Date, S700 Zoom Date

Fuji DL Super Mini, DL-1000 Zoom, DL-1000 Zoom Date, DL-200, DL-2000 Zoom, DL-270, DL-270 Zoom, DL-270 Zoom Super, DL-290, DL-290 Zoom, DL-312, DL-320 Zoom, DL-500 Wide Date, DL-550, DL-550 Wide Date, DL-Super Mini Zoom

Fuji Endeavor 1000ix, 250ix Zoom, 260ix MRC, 270ix MRC, 300ix MRC, 300ix Zoom, 310ix MRC, 4000ix SL, 4000SL, 400ix MRC, 400ix Zoom

Fuji FinePix S1 Pro, S2 Pro

Fuji Fotonex, 260IX, 260IX Zoom MRC, 265IX, 265IX Zoom, 270IX, 300IX, 300IX Zoom, 300MX, 310IX MRC, 310IX Zoom, 400 MRC, 4000 IX, 4000IX SL, 400SL

Fuji FZ 2000

Fuji GA 645 Zi, GA645i, GA645Wi, GS 617, GX 645 ZI, GX 680 III

Fuji Instax 500, Mini 10

Fuji Nexia 250ixZ MRC, 265ixZ, 265ixZ MRC, Nexia 270ixZ, Nexia 320ixZ MRC, 330ix, 70AF

Fuji Zoom Date 100, 110 SR, 110EZ, 115 Super, 120, 120V, 125 SR, 125 Super, 135V, 140, 145, 160S, 60W, 70, 90, S1050, S1200, S1450


Kodak Advantix 4100 IX, 4100 IX Zoom, 4700 IX, 4800 IX, 4800 IX Zoom, C650 Zoom, C700 Zoom, C750, C800, F600, Preview

Kodak Cameo 880, AF, AFM, Sharp Focus, Zoom, Zoom Plus

Kodak DC 25

Kodak KD 40, 45 60, 65, 70, 75

Kodak KE 60, KE60

Kodak Star 1035Z, 1035ZD, 105ZD, 1075Z, 935, Zoom 105, Zoom 105 QD


Konica 110VP, 150V, A4, A4 Auto Date

Konica Big Mini, 20, 311Z Auto Date, BM201, BM302, BM302 Auto Date, BM311Z, BM701, BM701VX, F, HG, Junior, S100, S630Z, S70, SR, SR100, VXC BM701, Zoom 510

Konica EU Mini, Mini AF

Konica Jump Auto, Shot, Mermaid

Konica MT10, MT100, MT100 Auto Date

Konica Super Pop, Compact, Z-up Date

Konica Tops, AF300, AF300 Auto Date

Konica Z-up 100, 110, 110 Super, 110VP, 118, 118 Super, 120VP, 135, 135 Super, 140, 140 Super, 150, 150VP, 70 Super, Super Date

Konica Minolta:

Konica Minolta Zoom 160C Date

Kyocera Contax

Contax T2, T2 Date, TVS, TVS DataBack, TVS II, TVS III, TW Date

Kyocera 150EF, 165EF, AF35 Mini, Profile Zoom 4000IX, T4 Zoom

Kyocera Acclaim 300, 4000, Zoom 300

Kyocera Zoomate 105SE, 120SE, 140GRF, 150eEF, 165EF


Leica C1, C1 Zoom Date, C2, C3, CM, CM Zoom, Mini, Mini 3, Mini II, Mini III, Mini Zoom, MiniLux, MiniLux QD, Minox CD 112, R, R9 Motor Winder, Z2X


Minolta Action Zoom 90, Alpha 9, AF Zoom 35mm, AF Zoom 80mm, FZ160C, TC1

Minolta Capios 115S, 125S, 150S

Minolta Dynax 7, 9

Minolta Freedom 140EX, Action Zoom, Action Zoom 90, Escort, Family Zoom II, Orion Zoom, Sightseer, Sightseer Zoom, Supreme EX, TC 1, Vista

Minolta Freedom Zoom, 115, 130S, 140A, 150, 160A, 70, Explorer, Explorer 1, Explorer EX, Supreme

Minolta Maxxum 4, 7, 9, 9Ti

Minolta Orion Freedom Zoom, Panorama Zoom 28

Minolta Riva 125EX, 135EX, 140EX, Mini, Panorama, Zoom 105EX, Zoom 150, Zoom 28, Zoom 70, Zoom 70EX, Zoom 75W, Zoom 90C, Zoom Pico

Minolta Zoom 110 Date, 130c Date, 160 Date, 70EX


Nikon 28Ti, 35Ti, AF600, F60, F60D, F70, F70D, F80, FD 80D, FD 80S, Fun Touch 5, Pronea 600i, RF 2D

Nikon Lite Touch, 150QD, Zoom, Zoom 105, Zoom 110, Zoom 110s QD, Zoom 120 EO, Zoom 120 QD, Zoom 130 ED, Zoom 130 QD, Zoom 140 ED, Zoom 140 QD, Zoom 150ED, Zoom 70s, Zoom 70ws, 80, 80 QD

Nikon Mini Zoom 400, 600

Nikon N50, N60, N80, N90

Nikon Nice Touch 2, 4

Nikon Nuvis 110, 110i, 125, 125i, 160i, 75, 75i

Nikon One Touch Zoom 70, 70 QD, 80, QD

Nikon Zoom 200, 300, 400, 600, 700VR, 800QD

Nikon Zoom Touch 105-VRQD 8000


Olympus mju 1, 2, III 120, III 150, III 80, Panorama, Zoom 105, Zoom 115, Zoom 140, Zoom 140VF, Zoom 170, Zoom 70, Zoom 80, Zoom Wide 80

Olympus Accura Zoom 105, 120, 130s, 130s QD, 80s, 90

Olympus AF-1 Twin, AF-10 Super, AF-10 Twin, AF-10XB, AM-100, AZ-100 Super Zoom, AZ-110 Super Zoom, AZ-200, AZ-210, AZ-210 Super Zoom, AZ-220, AZ-230 Super Zoom, AZ-300, AZ-300 Super Zoom, AZ-330, AZ-4, New Pic Zoom 90, O-Product, OM-4T, OZ-140S, QM-4T, View Zoom 80, XB QD

Olympus Centurion, S

Olympus Infinity 105QD, 210 Panorama, 220 Panorama, Twin, XB

Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic, 70Q, Zoom, Zoom 115, Zoom 140

Olympus Infinity Super Zoom 70G, 80 Wide, 80G, 105, 105G, 110, 120, 130S, 140S, 2800, 300, 3000, 330, 3500

Olympus Infinity Zoom 105 QD, 200, 210, 230, 80QD

Olympus iS-1, iS-10, IS-100, IS-1000, IS-10DLX, IS-2, IS-200, IS-2000, IS-3, IS-30 AF, IS-300, IS-3000, IS-3DLX, IS-5 , IS-500, IS-5000QD, IS-50QD, IS-DLX, IS50QD, IX-20DLX, L30

Olympus Stylus 100 Wide, 105, 105Z, 120, 120QD, 120Z, 140, 150

Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 115 QD, 170, 170 QD

Olympus Stylus Select 105, Zoom 105, Zoom 115VF

Olympus L5, LT 1, LT Zoom 105, LT Zoom 105QD, LT-105

Olympus Trip AF Mini, Mini II, MD2


Panasonic C-220 ZM, C-2200ZM, C-2300ZM, C-525AF, C-625AF, C-D2300ZM, C-D340EF, C-D520EF, C-D525AF


Pentax 67 II, EZY, UC-1

Pentax Espio 105G, 105WR, 110, 120, 120Mi, 120SW II, 123, 140M, 140V, 145M, 160, 200, 70, 738, 738G, 80V, 838, 838G, 928, Date, JR, Mini, W

Pentax IQ Zoom 105G, 105WR, 110, 115, 115M, 115S, 115V, 120, 135M, 140, 145 Msuper, 145M, 160, 200, 280P, 28W, 60R, 70R Date, 70XL, 735, 80E, 80G, 80S, 835, 835D, 900, 90WR, 90WR Date, 928, 928M, 928M Date, 95WR, EZY, EZY-R, EZY-S, XL Date

Pentax PC-606W, PC-606W Date, PC-700

Pentax Zoom 105 Super, 105 Super Date, 105R, 105R Date, 280P, 280P Date, 60X, 70X Date, 70Z, 90, 90 Date, 90WR, 90WR Date


Polaroid 8500Z, PZ1800, PZ2180AF, PZ3000AFD, PZ3300AFD


Ricoh 130Z, 4F20S, AF7Z, Easy II, GR10, Mirai 105, Petite Zoom D, R-EX105Z, R100, RX-700, S30

Ricoh FF-10 Zoom, FF-20L-20, FF-300D, FF-8NR, FF10 Zoom, FF10D Zoom, FF20, FF20 Wide Zoom, FF8WR

Ricoh ShotMaster 110, 130, 130 Super, 130-Z, AF, AF Super D, AFD, AFII, AFP, AFPD, FF20 Super, TRU-Zoom, Ultra Dual, Ultra Zoom, Ultra Zoom D, Ultra Zoom II, Ultra Zoom Super, Zoom 70, Zoom 70D

Ricoh Myport 330 Super, 330 Zoom

Ricoh One Take, One Take AF11, One Take Zoom

Ricoh RZ 10 Date, RZ 105 Zoom, RZ 105 Zoom, RZ 700, RZ 770, RZ 900 Date, RZ-1050, RZ-115, RZ-125, RZ-140, RZ-3000, RZ-700

Ricoh YF-20 Super, YF-20D


Rollei Giro 140, Zoom X115, Zoom X70

Rollei Prego 115, 115 AF, 12, 140, 145 AF, 70 Zoom Date, 90, 90 AF, Xenar AF, Zoom 115 Date, Zoom AF


Samsung AF 1050, 1050QD, 4000, 4000QD, 440, 440QD, 480R, 480RQD, Mini Zoom 105, Zoom 1050, Zoom 1050 QD, Zoom 2CX1, Zoom 290WS, Zoom 70 QD, Zoom 800, Alpha Zoom QD

Samsung ECX, ECX-1 QD, ECX1

Samsung Evoca 140 Neo, 140S, 170 Neo, 170 SE, 70S, 80S, Zoom 115

Samsung Fino 105, 105S, 115, 115S, 140S, 145, 170 Super, 170 Super QD, 35S, 40, 45, 70S

Samsung Maxima 105, 125, 1350 TiQD, 140S, 140Ti, 170Ti, 33S, 40R, 40R QD, 70S, 760i, 80i QD, 900, 905, ZM Alpha QD, Zoom 105XL, 130G, 150GL QD, 80i, 90i QD

Samsung Maxima Elite 120, 140, 170

Samsung Mini, Mini R, Mini Zoom, Mini Zoom 7X QD

Samsung Rocas 100, 200

Samsung Slim Dual QD, R, RQD, Zoom 115S, 125S, 130S, 140S, QD

Samsung Vega 1400, 140S, 170, 170QD, 290W


Vivitar 350PZ, 356PZ, 357PZ, 370Z, 440PZ, 470PZ, 480PZ, 490Z, 500PZ, 520MZ, 530PZ, 535PZ, 540MZ, AF1000, AF450, PS600, PS650, PS700, PS90, PS99, PX3155, PZ3070, PZ3090 DB, PZ3115, PZ3120, PZ3125, PZ3140, PZ7000, PZ8000, Series 1 Pocket 35, VP7000, WZ-28, ZM100, ZM70, ZM80, ZM90, ZM95DB, ZX360D


Yashica Profile Acclaim 300, 4000, Profile 4000ix, Zoom 300

Yashica AF 35 Mini, Mini, Mini Data Back

Yashica Contax T2, TVS, TVS III

Yashica Electro 35, EZ Zoom 70, Micro Finesse, Imagination Micro AF

Yashica EZ View AF, Zoom 10

Yashica MicroTec 90, Zoom, Zoom 70

Yashica MiniTec Super, Super Data Back, Zoom 70

Yashica T4 Super WeatherProof, T4D, T5

Yashica Twintec Zoomate 115, 140, 165EF

Yashica Zoomate 110W, 120SE, 140GRF

and more models.

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: CR123A, CR123, CR17345, K123A, K123LA, VL123A, DL123A, 5018LC, EL123A, RL123A, SF123A, EL123AP, AGI 123, Ansco 123, Bell and Howell 123, Boots 123, Braun 123, Canon 123, Chinon 123, Contax 123, Exakta 123, Fuji 123, Graflex 123, Haking 123, Hyundai 123, IME 123, JDR 123, Kodak 123, Konica 123, Leica 123, Mag 123, Maginon 123, Minolta 123, Nikon 123, Olympus 123, Panasonic 123, Pentax 123, Ricoh 123, Samsung 123, Vivitar 123, Voigtlander 123, Yashica 123, Ansco 123A, Argus 123A, Bell and Howell 123A, Canon 123A, Era 123A, Fuji 123A, Kodak 123A, Konica 123A, Kyocera 123A, Leica 123A, Minolta 123A, Nikon 123A, Olympus 123A, Pentax 123A, Ricoh 123A, Samsung 123A, Vivitar 123A, Yashica 123A, Battery-Biz B-262, BatteryValues B-262, DSMiller B-262, Hi-Capacity B-262, Maxell B-262, Polaroid B-262, US Power BLI1051, Panasonic BR-2/3A, Sigma CR-123A, AGI CR123, Arc CR123, Braun CR123, Canon CR123, Chinon CR123, Concord CR123, Contax CR123, Edixa CR123, Era CR123, Exakta CR123, Fuji CR123, Goko CR123, Jazz CR123, Kalimar CR123, Konica CR123, Konica Minolta CR123, Kyocera CR123, Leica CR123, Mag CR123, Maginon CR123, Minolta CR123, NCR CR123, Nikon CR123, Olympus CR123, Panasonic CR123, Pentax CR123, Ricoh CR123, Samsung CR123, Sony CR123, Vivitar CR123, Voigtlander CR123, Yashica CR123, Fuji CR123A, Generic CR123A, Minolta CR123A, Olympus CR123A, Panasonic CR123A, Varta CR123A, Rayovac CR123R, Sanyo CR17335SE, Duracell CR17345, IEC CR17345, Minox CR2, Pentax CR23, Chinon DL123, Canon DL123A, Duracell DL123A, Exakta DL123A, Fuji DL123A, Konica DL123A, Kodak K123LA, KL123LA Leica DL123A, Minolta DL123A, Nikon DL123A, Olympus DL123A, Pentax DL123A, Ricoh DL123A, Voigtlander DL123A, Duracell DL2/3A, Energizer EL123, Energizer EL123A, Energizer EL123AP, Maxell ER2/3A, Kodak K123LA, Kodak KL123LA, Duracell SMP-202S, Eternacell T32/51, Varta V123.
  • High energy density
  • Last four times longer than ordinary alkaline batteries
  • Standard in compliance with ISO-9002, quality guaranteed
  • No memory effect
  • 12 months warranty

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Purchase February 27, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Worcester Park, Surrey United Kingdom  
I recently purchased some batteries. The service I received was prompt and the ordering was easy. I received the items within 3 days and they were in good order.

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Batteries June 12, 2016
Reviewer: Brian Treanor from Dunedin, Otago New Zealand  
As always, the service from BestBatt was fast, efficient, with the CR123A batteries arriving in excellent time and condition.
I remain a very satisifed customer.

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Camera still don't work. June 20, 2015
Reviewer: Kenneth Rogers from Weymouth, MA United States  
See above

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Great! September 10, 2013
Reviewer: Roxanne from Vernon, BC Canada  
Great service and fast delivery!
Will definitely use again!

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Reveiw June 7, 2013
Reviewer: Thomas Chin from Surrey, BC Canada  
excellent product very good service I will deal with BestBatt with confident

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