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New CR2 Lithium Photo Battery
CR2 Battery

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Description Technical Specifications
New high capacity CR2 Lithium universal photo battery. Great for use in cameras, medical treatment instrument, lights, radio, electronic lock, electronic meter (water meter, gas meter, etc), power source of memory backup meter, photo equipment, electronic games, electronic equipment, tactical flashlights, etc. The CR2 has a shelflife of 8 years and can operate under extreme temperatures. CR2 Li-ion formula enables stability over a wide range of temperatures and quick flash recovery. It has a very high energy density and compared to alkalies. An excellent choice for speed, performance, and long life. Will be ready when you need them every time. Work wonderfully for the following camera models:
Canon AF S
Canon AF300
Canon AutoBoy 120
Canon AutoBoy N105
Canon AutoBoy N115
Canon AutoBoy N130
Canon AutoBoy N80
Canon Digital IXUS IXUS II
Canon Elph
Canon Elph 10
Canon Elph 10AF
Canon Elph 2
Canon Elph 260
Canon Elph 260Z
Canon Elph 270
Canon Elph 370Z
Canon Elph 490z
Canon Elph JR
Canon Elph Limited Kit
Canon Elph LT
Canon Elph LT260
Canon Elph LT270
Canon Elph Shades
Canon Elph Shades Gracier
Canon Elph Shades Sunshine
Canon Elph Sport
Canon Elph Z3
Canon EOS-300
Canon EOS-3000
Canon EOS-3000V
Canon EOS-300V
Canon EOS-IV
Canon EOS-IX 50
Canon EOS-IX Lite
Canon EOS-IX Lite APS
Canon EOS-IX7
Canon EOS-Kiss 5
Canon EOS-Kiss III
Canon EOS-Kiss III L
Canon EOS-Rebel 2000
Canon EOS-Rebel K2
Canon EOS-Rebel Ti
Canon ISUS M-1  
Canon ISUX Concept Arancia
Canon IX 240
Canon IXUS AF300
Canon IXUS FF25
Canon IXUS L1
Canon IXUS Limited KIT
Canon IXUS M1
Canon IXUS X1
Canon IXUS Z70
Canon IXUS Z90
Canon IXY 220
Canon IXY GE
Canon IXY Limited KIT
Canon Lite EOS-IX APS
Canon Prima Super 105U
Canon Prima Super 115U
Canon Prima Super 130
Canon Prima Super 130 Caption
Canon Prima Super 150U Date(New)
Canon Prima Zoom 80U
Canon Prima Zoom 90U
Canon Rebel 2000
Canon Super Prima 105U
Canon Super Prima 115U
Canon Super Prima 130
Canon Super Prima 130 Caption
Canon Super Prima 150U Date(New)
Canon Sure Shot 105U
Canon Sure Shot 115U
Canon Sure Shot 115u QD
Canon Sure Shot 130 U
Canon Sure Shot 150u
Canon Sure Shot 80u
Canon Sure Shot 90U
Canon Sure Shot 90U QD
Canon Sure Shot Classic 120
Canon Z50
Canon Z65
Fuji 3000ix Zoom MRC
Fuji DL-Super Mini
Fuji Endeavor 100
Fuji Endeavor 100e
Fuji Endeavor 100ix
Fuji Endeavor 1010ix
Fuji Endeavor 101ix
Fuji Endeavor 20 Auto
Fuji Endeavor 210ix
Fuji Endeavor 250ix
Fuji Endeavor 265ix
Fuji Endeavor 3000ix
Fuji Endeavor 3500ix
Fuji Endeavor 3500ix Zoom
Fuji Fotonex 100
Fuji Fotonex 1000IX MRC
Fuji Fotonex 1000IX Tiara
Fuji Fotonex 101IX
Fuji Fotonex 20 Auto
Fuji Fotonex 200IX
Fuji Fotonex 210IX
Fuji Fotonex 210IX Zoom
Fuji Fotonex 250
Fuji Fotonex 3000IX Zoom
Fuji Fotonex 3500 IX Zoom MRC
Fuji Fotonex 60 AF
Fuji Fotonex 60AF
Fuji Instax Mini 20
Fuji Instax Mini 25
Fuji Instax Mini 50s
Fuji Instax Mini 70  
Fuji Nexia 2000ixZ
Fuji Nexia 2000ixZ MRC
Fuji Nexia 220ixZ
Fuji Nexia 230ix
Fuji Nexia 250ix
Fuji Nexia 3100ix
Fuji Nexia 3100ixZ MRC
Fuji Nexia 3200ixZ
Fuji Nexia 320ixZ  
Fuji Nexia 4100ix
Fuji Nexia 4100ixZ MRC
Fuji Nexia Q1
Fuji Q1 Simply Cool
Fuji Q1 Zoom
Fuji Super DL- Mini
Fuji Zoom Date 160EZ
Fuji Zoom Date F2.8
Kodak Adavantix T40 Fix Focus
Kodak Advantix 1100
Kodak Advantix 3100 AF, 3100AF
Kodak Advantix 3200 AF, 3200AF  
Kodak Advantix 3300 AF, 3300AF  
Kodak Advantix 3400 AF, 3400AF  
Kodak Advantix 3600 IX, 3600IX  
Kodak Advantix 3700 IX, 3700IX  
Kodak Advantix 3800 IX, 3800IX  
Kodak Advantix 5600 MRX, 5600MRX  
Kodak Advantix 5800 MRX, 5800MRX  
Kodak Advantix F620 Zoom, F620Zoom
Kodak Advantix T40
Kodak Advantix T500
Kodak Advantix T550
Kodak Advantix T550 AF, T550AF  
Kodak Advantix T700
Konica Big Mini BMS-S70
Konica BMS 100
Konica BMS 630Z
Konica Fantasio 60Z
Konica Fantasio 80Z
Konica Hexar RF
Konica Hexar RF Limited
Konica LEXIO 115
Konica Lexio 70
Konica Lexio 70 Black
Konica LEXIO 70W
Konica Revio
Konica Revio CL
Konica Revio CZ
Konica Revio II
Konica Revio Nocturne
Konica Revio Z2
Konica Revio Z3
Konica S-Mini
Konica Super Big Mini BMS 100
Konica Vectis 10
Konica Z-up 115E
Konica Z-up 130E
Konica Z-up 150e
Konica Z-up 80E

Contax Apex D200  
Contax Aira
Contax Apex D200
Contax Aria
Contax G1
Contax G1 DataBack
Contax G2
Contax G2 DataBack
Contax G2E
Contax NX
Contax T3
Contax TIX
Contax 645
Kyocera Acclaim
Kyocera Acclaim 100
Kyocera Acclaim 200
Kyocera Contax Ts

Konica Minolta Dynax 40
Konica Minolta Dynax 60
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7
Leica C11
Leica Claasic M3 Digital
Leica Minox CD 25
Minolta Alpha 360si
Minolta Alpha Sweet Black
Minolta Dynax 404si
Minolta Dynax 505si
Minolta Dynax 505si Super
Minolta Maxxum 3 Date
Minolta Maxxum 5
Minolta Maxxum 50 Date
Minolta Maxxum 70
Minolta Maxxum 70 Date
Minolta Maxxum Htsi
Minolta Maxxum Htsi Plus
Minolta Maxxum Stsi
Minolta Maxxum Xtsi
Minolta RD 3000
Minolta Sweet S 35MM AF
Minolta Vectis 10
Minolta Vectis 100BF
Minolta Vectis 20
Minolta Vectis 200
Minolta Vectis 2000
Minolta Vectis 25
Minolta Vectis 260
Minolta Vectis 30
Minolta Vectis 300
Minolta Vectis 3000
Minolta Vectis 300L
Minolta Vectis 40
Minolta Vectis 4300 Beam
Minolta Vectis G-1
Minolta Vectis G-2
Minolta Vectis G-3
Minolta Vectis G-4
Minolta Vectis GX-1
Minolta Vectis GX-2
Minolta Vectis GX-3
Minolta Vectis GX-4
Minolta Vectis S-1
Minolta Vectis S-100
Minolta Vectis Weathermatic
Minolta Vectis Weathermatic Zoom
Minolta Weathermatic 35
Minolta Xtreem GX1
Minolta Xtreem GX2
Minolta Xtreem GX3
Minolta Xtreem GX4
Minolta Zoom 80c Date
Nikon F55
Nikon F65
Nikon Lite Touch 90 QD
Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 120 ED
Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 90s
Nikon N-65
Nikon N55
Nikon N65
Nikon N75
Nikon Nuvia S2000
Nikon Nuvis 200
Nikon Nuvis 300
Nikon Nuvis 60
Nikon Nuvis Mini
Nikon Nuvis Mini I
Nikon Nuvis Pronea
Nikon Nuvis S
Nikon Nuvis S2000
Nikon Nuvis V
Nikon One Touch Zoom 90
Nikon Pronea S
Olympus I 10
Olympus I 100AF
Olympus I Zoom 200 AF
Olympus I Zoom 2000
Olympus I Zoom 3000
Olympus I Zoom 75
Olympus I Zoom 75 Kit
Olympus i200 AF
Olympus iSnap
Olympus iZoom 60
Olympus MJU V
Olympus New Pic M10 Macro
Olympus New Pic XB
Olympus New Pic XB AF
Olympus New Pic Zoom 60
Olympus New Pic Zoom 600
Olympus Stylus 80
Olympus Zoom 10 AF
Olympus Zoom 100 AF
Olympus Zoom 3000
Olympus Zoom 60
Olympus Zoom 75
Panasonic C-X200Z
Panasonic PV-DC1580
Pentax 115M
Pentax 1LX
Pentax Efina
Pentax Efina AF50
Pentax Efina J
Pentax Efina T
Pentax EI-C90
Pentax Elfina J
Pentax Elfina T
Pentax Espio
Pentax Espio 115
Pentax Espio 115M
Pentax Espio 115MM
Pentax Espio 170SL
Pentax Espio 24EW
Pentax Espio 90MC
Pentax Espio Efina
Pentax IQ Zoom 115G
Pentax IQ Zoom 120 Mi
Pentax IQ Zoom 90MC
Pentax MX-5
Pentax MZ-10
Pentax MZ-3
Pentax MZ-30
Pentax MZ-5
Pentax MZ-50
Pentax MZ-5N
Pentax MZ-60
Pentax MZ-7
Pentax MZ-M
Pentax MZ-S
Pentax ZX-10 Quartz Date
Pentax ZX-30
Pentax ZX-5
Pentax ZX-50
Pentax ZX-5N
Pentax ZX-60
Pentax ZX-7
Pentax ZX-L
Pentax ZX-M
Polaroid 5500FF
Polaroid 6500AF
Ricoh GR1s
Ricoh GR1v
Ricoh GR21
Ricoh R1
Ricoh R1E
Ricoh RZ-728
Rollei Giro 105
Rollei Giro 28 M
Rollei Giro 70
Rollei Giro 70 WA
Rollei Giro 90
Rollei Nano 50 VP
Rollei Nano 60
Rollei Nano 80
Rollei Nano 80 VP
Rollei Prego 100 WA
Rollei Prego 130 WA
Rollei Prego 145
Rollei Prego 160
Rollei Prego 30
Rollei Prego Micron AF
Rollei Prego Zoom 145 AF
Rollei Q23-5T
Rollei Q23-5T Databac
Rollei QZ35
Rollei QZ35-T
Rollei QZ35-W
Rollei X Zoom 70
Samsung ECR2
Samsung ECX2
Samsung Elite 120
Samsung Evoca 115
Samsung Evoca 70SE
Samsung Evoca 70SE QD
Samsung Fino 1050S
Samsung Fino 1050XL
Samsung Fino 120
Samsung Fino 60
Samsung Fino 60S
Samsung Fino 700S
Samsung Fino 700XL
Samsung Fino 70SE
Samsung Fino 70SE QD
Samsung Fino 80
Samsung Fino 800
Samsung Fino 80SE QD
Samsung Fino 80XL
Samsung Impax 110
Samsung Impax 210
Samsung Impax 300i
Samsung Maxima 105Ti
Samsung Maxima 120Ti
Samsung Maxima 145
Samsung Maxima Zoom 105GL
Samsung Maxima Zoom 145
Samsung Maxima Zoom 70GL
Samsung Maxima Zoom 80GL
Samsung Pronta 1200
Samsung Rocas 110
Samsung Rocas 210
Samsung Rocas 210i
Samsung Rocas 300
Samsung Rocas 300i
Samsung Rocas 310i
Samsung SAS 628
Samsung Slim Zoom 145
Samsung Slim Zoom 145S
Samsung SR-4000
Samsung Vega 140S Expo 2000
Samsung Vega 70
Samsung Vega 70D
Samsung Vega 77i
Samsung Vega 77i Quartz Date Expo 2000
Vivitar 500IX
Vivitar 520MZ QD
Vivitar XM-1K
Vivitar XM-230
Vivitar XM-500
Vivitar Z248
Vivitar Z350
Vivitar Z385
Yashica Acclaim
Yashica Acclaim 100
Yashica Acclaim 200
Yashica Acclaim 65
Yashica Acclaim AF
Yashica Contax G1
Yashica Contax G1 Data Back
Yashica Contax G2
Yashica Contax G2 Data Back
Yashica Contax TIX
Yashica MicroTec Zoom 120
Yashica Socius          
and more models.
Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers:
5046LC, DLCR2, EL1CR2, CR2, GPCR2, KCR2, RLCR2, CR1025, CR2-BP1, Battery-Biz B-271, BatteryValues B-271, DSMiller B-271, Hi-Capacity B-271, Polaroid B-271, US Power BLI1057, Canon CR, Minox CR-2, IEC CR17355, AGFA CR2, Arc CR2, Bell and Howell CR2, Boots CR2, Braun CR2, Bronica CR2, Canon CR2, Concord CR2, Contax CR2, Duracell CR2, Edixa CR2, Energizer CR2, Era CR2, Exakta CR2, Fuji CR2, Goko CR2, Jazz CR2, JDR CR2, Kodak CR2, Konica CR2, Konica Minolta CR2, Kyocera CR2, Leica CR2, Minolta CR2, NCR CR2, Nikon CR2, Olympus CR2, Panasonic CR2, Pentax CR2, Ricoh CR2, Samsung CR2, Sanyo CR2, Varta CR2, Vivitar CR2, Voigtlander CR2, Yashica CR2, Sony CR2B, Duracell DLCR2, Energizer ELCR2, Kodak KCR2.
  • High energy density
  • Last four times longer than ordinary alkaline batteries
  • Standard in compliance with ISO-9002, quality guaranteed
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • No memory effect
  • 12 months warranty

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service July 5, 2015
Reviewer: ALLAN BENOIT from DELRAY BEACH, FL United States  

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Golf Range Finder March 21, 2015
Reviewer: Ronald Blair from Mercersburg, PA United States  
These batteries for bought for my golf range finder.  Great service and quick.  Thank you.

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New CR2 Lithium Photo Battery June 2, 2013
Reviewer: Ray Frayne from Daly City, CA United States  
No problems at all. If they last for a while, I couldn't have found a better bargain.

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