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8-Cell 480385-001 / HSTNN-IB75 Battery for HP Pavillion DV7-1000, DV7-2000, DV7-3000, DV8-1000, HP HDX X18 and More Series Notebooks
HP 8-cell DV7-1000 DV7-2000 DV7-3000 HDX X18 Series Laptop Battery

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Product Code: BBLAPDV78

Description Technical Specifications
Our 480385-001 / HSTNN-IB75 8-cell battery is built with premium Samsung lithium ion cells and rated at 4400 mAh. The battery is designed to provide power to HP Pavilion DV7, DV8, and HDX X18 notebooks and 100% compatible with the following laptop models:

HP Pavilion DV7-1000 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV7-1100 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV7-1200 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV7-2000 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV7-2100 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV7-2200 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV7-3000 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV7-3100 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV8-1000 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV8-1100 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP Pavilion DV8-1200 Entertainment Notebook PC Series
HP HDX X18-1000 Premium Notebook PC Series
HP HDX X18-1100 Premium Notebook PC Series
HP HDX X18-1200 Premium Notebook PC Series
HP HDX X18-1300 Premium Notebook PC Series

HP Pavilion DV7-1000 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV7z-1000, DV7z, DV7t-1000, DV7t, DV7-1099ef, DV7-1098eo, DV7-1095eo, DV7-1094eo, DV7-1093eo, DV7-1092eo, DV7-1090er, DV7-1090eo, DV7-1090en, DV7-1090ed, DV7-1090eb, DV7-1080ez, DV7-1080ew, DV7-1080es, DV7-1080eo, DV7-1080el, DV7-1080ed, DV7-1075la, DV7-1070ev, DV7-1070eo, DV7-1070el, DV7-1070ek, DV7-1070ei, DV7-1070eg, DV7-1070ef, DV7-1070ee, DV7-1070ed, DV7-1070eb, DV7-1067ef, DV7-1065ef, DV7-1060ez, DV7-1060ew, DV7-1060ep, DV7-1060eo, DV7-1060en, DV7-1060em, DV7-1060el, DV7-1060eg, DV7-1060ef, DV7-1060ec, DV7-1055ea, DV7-1053xx, DV7-1053ez, DV7-1052xx, DV7-1051xx, DV7-1050er, DV7-1050eo, DV7-1050eg, DV7-1050ef, DV7-1050ed, DV7-1050eb, DV7-1050ea, DV7-1048ez, DV7-1045tx, DV7-1045eg, DV7-1040ew, DV7-1040et, DV7-1040es, DV7-1040eo, DV7-1040em, DV7-1040ef, DV7-1040ec, DV7-1038ca, DV7-1035es, DV7-1035eo, DV7-1035em, DV7-1035ef, DV7-1034tx, DV7-1034ca, DV7-1033tx, DV7-1032tx, DV7-1031tx, DV7-1030tx, DV7-1030ev, DV7-1030es, DV7-1030ep, DV7-1030eo, DV7-1030en, DV7-1030el, DV7-1030eg, DV7-1030ef, DV7-1030eb, DV7-1029tx, DV7-1029eg, DV7-1027tx, DV7-1027ca, DV7-1026tx, DV7-1025tx, DV7-1025nr, DV7-1025eg, DV7-1024tx, DV7-1024el, DV7-1023tx, DV7-1023em, DV7-1023cl, DV7-1022tx, DV7-1021tx, DV7-1020us, DV7-1020tx, DV7-1020ew, DV7-1020ev, DV7-1020es, DV7-1020eo, DV7-1020el, DV7-1020eg, DV7-1020ea, DV7-1019tx, DV7-1018tx, DV7-1018eg, DV7-1017tx, DV7-1017eg, DV7-1016tx, DV7-1016nr, DV7-1015tx, DV7-1015eo, DV7-1015el, DV7-1015eg, DV7-1014tx, DV7-1014ca, DV7-1013tx, DV7-1012tx, DV7-1011tx, DV7-1010tx, DV7-1010et, DV7-1010es, DV7-1010ep, DV7-1010eo, DV7-1010el, DV7-1010eg, DV7-1010ef, DV7-1010ed, DV7-1009tx, DV7-1008tx, DV7-1008eg, DV7-1008ef, DV7-1007tx, DV7-1007ef, DV7-1006tx, DV7-1005tx, DV7-1005es, DV7-1005eo, DV7-1005eg, DV7-1005ef, DV7-1004tx, DV7-1004ea, DV7-1003xx, DV7-1003tx, DV7-1003eo, DV7-1003el, DV7-1003ea, DV7-1002xx, DV7-1002tx, DV7-1002ea, DV7-1001xx, DV7-1001tx, DV7-1001eg, DV7-1001ef, DV7-1001ea, DV7-1000eg, DV7-1000ef, DV7-1000ea, DV7-1000, DV7/CT

HP Pavilion DV7-1100 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV7-1199eg, DV7-1199ef, DV7-1198eg, DV7-1196eg, DV7-1195eg, DV7-1190eg, DV7-1185eg, DV7-1183cl, DV7-1180eg, DV7-1177CA, DV7-1177, DV7-1175NR, DV7-1175eg, DV7-1175, DV7-1174ca, DV7-1172eg, DV7-1170us, DV7-1170eg, DV7-1166eg, DV7-1165eg, DV7-1160eg, DV7-1157cl, DV7-1153ca, DV7-1151xx, DV7-1150us, DV7-1150eg, DV7-1150ef, DV7-1145eg, DV7-1145ef, DV7-1140en, DV7-1140eg, DV7-1137us, DV7-1135nr, DV7-1135ea, DV7-1134US, DV7-1134, DV7-1133CL, DV7-1133, DV7-1132NR, DV7-1132eg, DV7-1132, DV7-1131eg, DV7-1130US, DV7-1130eg, DV7-1130ea, DV7-1130, DV7-1129wm, DV7-1128ca, DV7-1127cl, DV7-1125eg, DV7-1125ef, DV7-1125ea, DV7-1123eg, DV7-1123ef, DV7-1123ca, DV7-1122eg, DV7-1120eg, DV7-1120ef, DV7-1119em, DV7-1119ef, DV7-1118eg, DV7-1117ef, DV7-1116ef, DV7-1115eg, DV7-1115ef, DV7-1114ef, DV7-1112eg, DV7-1110eg, DV7-1110ef, DV7-1110ea, DV7-1107tx, DV7-1107ef, DV7-1107ea, DV7-1106eg, DV7-1106ef, DV7-1105tx, DV7-1105em, DV7-1105eg, DV7-1105ea, DV7-1104tx, DV7-1104ef, DV7-1103xx, DV7-1103tx, DV7-1103ef, DV7-1103ea, DV7-1102xx, DV7-1102tx, DV7-1101xx, DV7-1101em, DV7-1101ef, DV7-1100em, DV7-1100eg, DV7-1100ef, DV7-1100

HP Pavilion DV7-1200 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV7-1299ef, DV7-1290eg, DV7-1289eg, DV7-1285dx, DV7-1280eg, DV7-1279wm, DV7-1279, DV7-1275dx, DV7-1275, DV7-1273cl, DV7-1273, DV7-1270us, DV7-1270eg, DV7-1270ca, DV7-1267cl, DV7-1264nr, DV7-1262us, DV7-1262eg, DV7-1261wm, DV7-1260us, DV7-1253ca, DV7-1252eg, DV7-1251eg, DV7-1250en, DV7-1250eg, DV7-1249ef, DV7-1247cl, DV7-1245ef, DV7-1245dx, DV7-1245ca, DV7-1245, DV7-1243cl, DV7-1243, DV7-1240us, DV7-1232nr, DV7-1230eg, DV7-1228ca, DV7-1225ef, DV7-1223ca, DV7-1220em, DV7-1220eg, DV7-1220ef, DV7-1217em, DV7-1216tx, DV7-1215tx, DV7-1215eg, DV7-1215ef, DV7-1214tx, DV7-1214ea, DV7-1213tx, DV7-1213ea, DV7-1212tx, DV7-1212ea, DV7-1211tx, DV7-1211ea, DV7-1210tx, DV7-1210eg, DV7-1210ef, DV7-1210ea, DV7-1209tx, DV7-1209em, DV7-1208tx, DV7-1208ef, DV7-1207tx, DV7-1207ef, DV7-1206tx, DV7-1206ef, DV7-1205tx, DV7-1205eg, DV7-1205ef, DV7-1204eg, DV7-1204ef, DV7-1203em, DV7-1203ef, DV7-1202tx, DV7-1202ef, DV7-1201xx, DV7-1201tx, DV7-1201eg, DV7-1201ef, DV7-1200eg, DV7-1200

HP Pavilion DV7-2000 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV7-2090eg, DV7-2080eg, DV7-2078ca, DV7-2075eg, DV7-2070eg, DV7-2070ef, DV7-2070ea, DV7-2065eg, DV7-2065ef, DV7-2060eg, DV7-2060ef, DV7-2055eg, DV7-2050ef, DV7-2050ea, DV7-2046eg, DV7-2045eg, DV7-2045ea, DV7-2044ca, DV7-2043cl, DV7-2040us, DV7-2040sf, DV7-2040ef, DV7-2040ca, DV7-2037eg, DV7-2037ef, DV7-2036eg, DV7-2035eg, DV7-2035ef, DV7-2034eg, DV7-2033sf, DV7-2033eg, DV7-2033ef, DV7-2030sf, DV7-2030ef, DV7-2030ea, DV7-2025eg, DV7-2025ef, DV7-2023eg, DV7-2022tx, DV7-2022eg, DV7-2021tx, DV7-2020ef, DV7-2019ca, DV7-2017eg, DV7-2016tx, DV7-2016eg, DV7-2015tx, DV7-2015eg, DV7-2015ef, DV7-2014tx, DV7-2013tx, DV7-2012 tx, DV7-2011tx, DV7-2011eg, DV7-2010eg, DV7-2010, DV7-2005eg, DV7-2003tx, DV7-2001xx, DV7-2000

HP Pavilion DV7-2100 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV7-2190ef, DV7-2185dx, DV7-2180us, DV7-2180eg, DV7-2177cl, DV7-2175eg, DV7-2174ca, DV7-2173cl, DV7-2173ca, DV7-2170us, DV7-2170eg, DV7-2170ef, DV7-2165sg, DV7-2165ef, DV7-2160eg, DV7-2160ef, DV7-2157ca, DV7-2155eg, DV7-2150eg, DV7-2145eg, DV7-2145ef, DV7-2143sg, DV7-2142eg, DV7-2140sf, DV7-2140eg, DV7-2138sf, DV7-2138ef, DV7-2135sf, DV7-2133eg, DV7-2130sf, DV7-2130eg, DV7-2128tx, DV7-2127sf, DV7-2126tx, DV7-2125tx, DV7-2125sf, DV7-2125eg, DV7-2124tx, DV7-2123 tx, DV7-2122tx, DV7-2120sf, DV7-2120sa, DV7-2120eg, DV7-2120ef, DV7-2118sf, DV7-2117ef, DV7-2115sf, DV7-2115eg, DV7-2114tx, DV7-2113sf, DV7-2112eg, DV7-2112 tx, DV7-2111us, DV7-2111 tx, DV7-2110tx, DV7-2110sf, DV7-2110sa, DV7-2110eg, DV7-2109 tx, DV7-2107tx, DV7-2105 tx, DV7-2104 tx, DV7-2100eg, DV7-2100

HP Pavilion DV7-2200 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV7-2280ef, DV7-2278ca, DV7-2277cl, DV7-2273cl, DV7-2273ca, DV7-2270us, DV7-2270ef, DV7-2260ef, DV7-2255sf, DV7-2250sf, DV7-2240ef, DV7-2238sf, DV7-2235es, DV7-2230sf, DV7-2230sa, DV7-2230es, DV7-2230eg, DV7-2230ea, DV7-2227sf, DV7-2225ss, DV7-2225sg, DV7-2225sf, DV7-2225ef, DV7-2220sf, DV7-2220eg, DV7-2220ef, DV7-2215sf, DV7-2215sa, DV7-2215eg, DV7-2212tx, DV7-2212sf, DV7-2212eg, DV7-2212ef, DV7-2211tx, DV7-2210tx, DV7-2210eg, DV7-2206tx, DV7-2204tx, DV7-2201 tx, DV7-2200

HP Pavilion DV7-3000 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV7-3098ca, DV7-3090eg, DV7-3090ed, DV7-3089nr, DV7-3085dx, DV7-3080us, DV7-3080eg, DV7-3080ef, DV7-3080ed, DV7-3080ca, DV7-3079wm, DV7-3079nr, DV7-3078nr, DV7-3074ca, DV7-3069wm, DV7-3067nr, DV7-3067cl, DV7-3065dx, DV7-3063cl, DV7-3061nr, DV7-3060us, DV7-3060ca, DV7-3057nr, DV7-3051xx, DV7-3050eg, DV7-3048ca, DV7-3030sf, DV7-3030ew, DV7-3030eg, DV7-3028ca, DV7-3025sf, DV7-3024ca, DV7-3021ea, DV7-3020sa, DV7-3020ew, DV7-3020es, DV7-3020eg, DV7-3020ea, DV7-3015sf, DV7-3015eg, DV7-3010sg, DV7-3010sf, DV7-3010ew, DV7-3010eg, DV7-3008tx, DV7-3007tx, DV7-3007sg, DV7-3006tx, DV7-3005sf, DV7-3005eg, DV7-3003tx, DV7-3002tx, DV7-3001xx, DV7-3000

HP Pavilion DV7-3100 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV7-3195eg, DV7-3190es, DV7-3190eg, DV7-3188cl, DV7-3187cl, DV7-3186cl, DV7-3183nr, DV7-3183cl, DV7-3180us, DV7-3180sg, DV7-3180es, DV7-3180ef, DV7-3178ca, DV7-3174nr, DV7-3174ca, DV7-3173nr, DV7-3173ca, DV7-3171nr, DV7-3170ez, DV7-3170eg, DV7-3170ca, DV7-3169wm, DV7-3167nr, DV7-3166nr, DV7-3166eb, DV7-3165el, DV7-3165ef, DV7-3165eb, DV7-3165dx, DV7-3164cl, DV7-3163ef, DV7-3163cl, DV7-3162nr, DV7-3160us, DV7-3160es, DV7-3160ep, DV7-3160el, DV7-3160eg, DV7-3160eb, DV7-3157ca, DV7-3155el, DV7-3155ef, DV7-3155eb, DV7-3153ca, DV7-3152ca, DV7-3150sg, DV7-3150ez, DV7-3148ca, DV7-3145sf, DV7-3145ef, DV7-3140sf, DV7-3140eg, DV7-3140ef, DV7-3140eb, DV7-3135eg, DV7-3133el, DV7-3130sb, DV7-3130eo, DV7-3130eg, DV7-3128eg, DV7-3128ca, DV7-3127tx, DV7-3127eg, DV7-3126tx, DV7-3126eg, DV7-3125sg, DV7-3125sf, DV7-3125eg, DV7-3125ef, DV7-3120tx, DV7-3120sg, DV7-3120sf, DV7-3120eg, DV7-3119ef, DV7-3118tx, DV7-3118ef, DV7-3116tx, DV7-3115tx, DV7-3115ea, DV7-3114tx, DV7-3113tx, DV7-3112tx, DV7-3112sa, DV7-3112eo, DV7-3112ea, DV7-3111ea, DV7-3110sg, DV7-3110sf, DV7-3110es, DV7-3110eg, DV7-3110ef, DV7-3110ea, DV7-3110tx, DV7-3109tx, DV7-3108tx, DV7-3107tx, DV7-3105tx, DV7-3101tx, DV7-3101sa, DV7-3101ea, DV7-3100

HP Pavilion DV8-1000 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV8t, DV8t-1000, DV8-1099eo, DV8-1093ca, DV8-1090ez, DV8-1090ev, DV8-1090ef, DV8-1080ez, DV8-1080ed, DV8-1080ea, DV8-1050es, DV8-1050ep, DV8-1050eg, DV8-1010tx, DV8-1010er, DV8-1010el, DV8-1009tx, DV8-1007tx, DV8-1005tx, DV8-1003tx, DV8-1002tx, DV8-1001xx, DV8-1001tx, DV8-1000eb, DV8-1000

HP Pavilion DV8-1100 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV8-1190ez, DV8-1190ef, DV8-1185eg, DV8-1180ez, DV8-1180eg, DV8-1150es, DV8-1110ea, DV8-1104tx, DV8-1103TX, DV8-1100

HP Pavilion DV8-1200 Entertainment Notebook PC Series:
DV8-1295ez, DV8-1290ez, DV8-1290eo, DV8-1285ez, DV8-1280ez, DV8-1250es, DV8-1250eg, DV8-1250ea, DV8-1220eg, DV8-1220ef, DV8-1210eg, DV8-1200

HP HDX X18-1000 Notebook PC Series:
X18-1099UX, X18-1090EZ, X18-1088EZ, X18-1080EW, X18-1080ET, X18-1080ES, X18-1080EP, X18-1080EL, X18-1080EG, X18-1080ED, X18-1070EE, X18-1058CA, X18-1050ER, X18-1050EF, X18-1050EB, X18-1027CL, X18-1024CA, X18-1023CA, X18-1020US, X18-1018TX, X18-1017TX, X18-1016TX, X18-1015TX, X18-1014TX, X18-1013TX, X18-1012TX, X18-1011TX, X18-1010TX, X18-1010EA, X18-1009TX, X18-1008TX, X18-1007TX, X18-1006TX, X18-1005TX, X18-1005EA, X18-1004TX, X18-1003TX, X18-1002TX, X18-1001XX, X18-1001TX, X18-1000EO, X18-1000

HP HDX X18-1100 Notebook PC Series:
X18-1180US, X18-1180EF, X18-1180CA, X18-1150EF, X18-1120la, X18-1114TX, X18-1110TX, X18-1110EG, X18-1109TX, X18-1107TX, X18-1104TX, X18-1103TX, X18-1103EA, X18-1102TX, X18-1102EA, X18-1101EG, X18-1101EA, X18T-1100 CTO

HP HDX X18-1200 Notebook PC Series:
X18-1299EB, X18-1280EW, X18-1280ES, X18-1280EP, X18-1280EL, X18-1280ED, X18-1250EF, X18-1222EG, X18-1205TX, X18-1204TX, X18-1201EA, X18T-1200 CTO

HP HDX X18-1300 Notebook PC Series:
X18-1390EO, X18-1378CA, X18-1374CA, X18-1350EF, X18-1320EA, X18-1310EG, X18-1300

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: 480385-001, hstnn-ib75, 516355-001, hstnn-ob75, 486766-001, hstnn-db75, ks525aa, 497705-001, hstnn-q34c, 464059-142, hstnn-c50c, 464059-252, 516354-001, 509422-001, 464059-362, 464059-361, 464059-121, 464059-122, 464058-121, 464059-141, nh494aa#aba, nh494aa, nbp6a95, ga08073, hstnn-q35c, hstnn-db74, hstnn-ib74, 534116-291, hstnn-ob74, hstnn-w50c, 464059-161, ks525aa#aba, 464058-141, 464058-161, 464058-361, 464058-362, 464059-221, hstnn-xb75, ga06047, hp7028lh, DYNA-CHA-LOC.

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Laptop Battery January 19, 2014
Reviewer: Paul Florian from Marion, TX United States  
Super battery at a great price - shipping on time as promised

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