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PPP017H / 316688-001 120W AC Power Adapter for HP Pavilion ZD7000, ZV5000, ZX5000, Compaq Presario R3000, 3000, and Other Series Notebooks
HP Compaq ZD7000 ZV5000 ZX5000 R3000 Adapter

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Description Technical Specifications
Pick up our PPP017H / 316688-001 18.5V 6.5A (120W) power adapter for your HP / Compaq notebook so that you can have one at home and one at work. The power adapter is fully compatible with the following HP Compaq models:

HP Pavilion ZD7000 Series
HP Pavilion ZV5000 Series
HP Pavilion ZX5000 Series
Compaq Presario R3000 Series
Compaq Presario 3000 Series
HP Compaq 9000 Notebook Series
HP Compaq 9100 Notebook Series
HP Compaq 9500 Notebook Series

HP Pavilion ZD7000 Series
ZD7999US, ZD7998US, ZD7395EA, ZD7392EA, ZD7390EA, ZD7383EA, ZD7382EA, ZD7380US, ZD7380EA, ZD7377EA, ZD7376EA, ZD7375EA, ZD7374EA, ZD7373EA, ZD7360US, ZD7349EA, ZD7348EA, ZD7320EA, ZD7310US, ZD7310CA, ZD7280US, ZD7269CL, ZD7265EA, ZD7260US, ZD7260EA, ZD7258EA, ZD7255EA, ZD7250EA, ZD7249CL, ZD7245EA, ZD7235EA, ZD7230US, ZD7230EA, ZD7228EA, ZD7202US, ZD7200, ZD7198CL, ZD7188CL, ZD7180US, ZD7170EA, ZD7169EA, ZD7168EA, ZD7168CL, ZD7160US, ZD7150EA, ZD7145EA, ZD7144EA, ZD7143EA, ZD7141EA, ZD7141, ZD7140US, ZD7139EA, ZD7131EA, ZD7129EA, ZD7128EA, ZD7120EA, ZD7112EA, ZD7102US, ZD7101US, ZD7101, ZD7080EA, ZD7070EA, ZD7066EA, ZD7065EA, ZD7063EA, ZD7060EA, ZD7058CL, ZD7055EA, ZD7050US, ZD7050EA, ZD7050, ZD7049EA, ZD7048EA, ZD7045EA, ZD7040US, ZD7040EA, ZD7038EA, ZD7035EA, ZD7030US, ZD7020US, ZD7015US, ZD7012EA, ZD7010US, ZD7010EA, ZD7010CA, ZD7009EA, ZD7005US, ZD7005QV, ZD7005EA, ZD7001US, ZD7001EA, ZD7000, 1US

HP Pavilion ZV5000 Series
ZV5499EA, ZV5495EA, ZV5490EA, ZV5485EA, ZV5482EA, ZV5481EA, ZV5480EA, ZV5476EA, ZV5476CL, ZV5475EA, ZV5474EA, ZV5473EA, ZV5472EA, ZV5471EA, ZV5470US, ZV5470EA, ZV5469EA, ZV5468EA, ZV5467EA, ZV5466EA, ZV5466CL, ZV5465EA, ZV5464EA, ZV5463EA, ZV5462EA, ZV5460US, ZV5460EA, ZV5458EA, ZV5457EA, ZV5456EA, ZV5456CL, ZV5455US, ZV5455EA, ZV5454RS, ZV5452EA, ZV5450US, ZV5450EA, ZV5450CA, ZV5446EA, ZV5445US, ZV5445EA, ZV5440US, ZV5440EA, ZV5438EA, ZV5437EA, ZV5436EA, ZV5434RS, ZV5430US, ZV5425EA, ZV5422EA, ZV5421EA, ZV5420US, ZV5420EA, ZV5420CA, ZV5419EA, ZV5418EA, ZV5417EA, ZV5416EA, ZV5415EA, ZV5415CA, ZV5414EA, ZV5413EA, ZV5412EA, ZV5411EA, ZV5410US, ZV5410EA, ZV5408EA, ZV5407EA, ZV5406AP, ZV5405US, ZV5405EA, ZV5405AP, ZV5404US, ZV5404EA, ZV5404AP, ZV5403EA, ZV5403AP, ZV5402EA, ZV5402AP, ZV5401AP, ZV5400T, ZV5400, ZV5390EA, ZV5386US, ZV5385EA, ZV5384EA, ZV5383EA, ZV5382EA, ZV5381EA, ZV5380US, ZV5380EA, ZV5379EA, ZV5378EA, ZV5377EA, ZV5376EA, ZV5375EA, ZV5374EA, ZV5373EA, ZV5372EA, ZV5371EA, ZV5370US, ZV5369EA, ZV5368EA, ZV5367WM, ZV5367EA, ZV5366EA, ZV5365EA, ZV5364EA, ZV5362EA, ZV5360US, ZV5359EA, ZV5358EA, ZV5357EA, ZV5356US-B, ZV5348RS, ZV5347WM, ZV5346US, ZV5343US, ZV5342QV, ZV5340US, ZV5340EA, ZV5331EA, ZV5330US, ZV5330CA, ZV5329EA, ZV5328EA, ZV5327EA, ZV5326US-B, ZV5326EA, ZV5325EA, ZV5325CA, ZV5324EA, ZV5323EA, ZV5322EA, ZV5321EA, ZV5320US, ZV5320EA, ZV5320CA, ZV5316US, ZV5315EA, ZV5310US, ZV5310EA, ZV5308EA, ZV5307EA, ZV5304EA, ZV5303EA, ZV5302EA, ZV5301EA, ZV5301AP, ZV5290EA, ZV5287LA, ZV5285EA, ZV5272EA, ZV5271EA, ZV5270US, ZV5270EA, ZV5269EA, ZV5268EA, ZV5267LA, ZV5265EA, ZV5260US, ZV5257LA, ZV5255US, ZV5255EA, ZV5250EA, ZV5247LA, ZV5246EA, ZV5245EA, ZV5240XX, ZV5240US, ZV5240CA, ZV5238EA, ZV5237EA, ZV5236EA, ZV5235US, ZV5235EA, ZV5235CA, ZV5234EA, ZV5233EA, ZV5232EA, ZV5231EA, ZV5230US, ZV5230EA, ZV5229EA, ZV5228EA, ZV5227WM, ZV5227EA, ZV5226EA, ZV5225EA, ZV5223EA, ZV5222EA, ZV5220US, ZV5220CA, ZV5219EA, ZV5218EA, ZV5217EA, ZV5217AP, ZV5216AP, ZV5215EA, ZV5215AP, ZV5214EA, ZV5214AP, ZV5213EA, ZV5213AP, ZV5212EA, ZV5212AP, ZV5211EA, ZV5211AP, ZV5210US, ZV5210EA, ZV5210CA, ZV5210AP, ZV5209EA, ZV5209AP, ZV5208EA, ZV5208AP, ZV5207EA, ZV5207AP, ZV5206AP, ZV5205EA, ZV5205AP, ZV5204EA, ZV5203EA, ZV5202US, ZV5202EA, ZV5201EA, ZV5200EA, ZV5191EA, ZV5185EA, ZV5183EA, ZV5180EA, ZV5175EA, ZV5173EA, ZV5171EA, ZV5169EA, ZV5169CL, ZV5168EA, ZV5167EA, ZV5161EA, ZV5160US, ZV5160EA, ZV5160CA, ZV5159EA, ZV5157EA, ZV5150EA, ZV5149EA, ZV5143EA, ZV5142QV, ZV5142EA, ZV5140EA, ZV5138EA, ZV5136EA, ZV5134EA, ZV5133EA, ZV5132EA, ZV5131EA, ZV5129EA, ZV5129CL, ZV5124EA, ZV5123EA, ZV5122EA, ZV5121EA, ZV5120US, ZV5120CA, ZV5119EA, ZV5117EA, ZV5116EA, ZV5115EA, ZV5114EA, ZV5113EA, ZV5112EA, ZV5111EA, ZV5105US, ZV5103AP, ZV5103, ZV5102AP, ZV5101US, ZV5101AP, ZV5045EA, ZV5040EA, ZV5037WM, ZV5034US, ZV5030US, ZV5030CA, ZV5030, ZV5029AP, ZV5028AP, ZV5027AP, ZV5026AP, ZV5025AP, ZV5024AP, ZV5023AP, ZV5022AP, ZV5021AP, ZV5020US, ZV5019AP, ZV5018AP, ZV5017AP, ZV5016EA, ZV5016AP, ZV5015EA, ZV5015AP, ZV5014EA, ZV5014AP, ZV5013AP, ZV5012AP, ZV5011AP, ZV5010AP, ZV5009AP, ZV5008AP, ZV5007LA, ZV5007AP, ZV5006AP, ZV5005AP, ZV5004AP, ZV5003AP, ZV5003, ZV5002AP, ZV5002, ZV5001US, ZV5001AP, ZV5001, ZV5000Z CTO, ZV5000Z, ZV5000T CTO, ZV5000T, ZV5000 CTO, ZV5000

HP Pavilion ZX5000 Series
ZX5369CL, ZX5280US, ZX5275EA, ZX5273EA, ZX5265EA, ZX5190US, ZX5180US, ZX5170EA, ZX5159, ZX5151EA, ZX5129EA, ZX5128EA, ZX5113EA, ZX5109EA, ZX5078CL, ZX5070US, ZX5065US, ZX5060US, ZX5052EA, ZX5051EA, ZX5050EA, ZX5049EA, ZX5045EA, ZX5044EA, ZX5043EA, ZX5042EA, ZX5041EA, ZX5040US, ZX5040EA, ZX5040CA, ZX5039EA, ZX5038EA, ZX5037EA, ZX5035EA, ZX5030EA, ZX5022EA, ZX5020EA, ZX5012EA, ZX5011EA, ZX5010EA, ZX5008EA, ZX5005EA, ZX5003EA, ZX5002EA, ZX5002, ZX5001US, ZX5001, ZX5000 CTO, ZX5000

Compaq Presario R3000 Series
R3470US, R3470CA, R3460US, R3440US, R3430US, R3425US, R3415US, R3410US, R3410CA, R3405US, R3400 CTO, R3399CL, R3396US, R3370us, R3360US, R3355EA, R3340US, R3320US, R3310US, R3310EA, R3306US, R3290US, R3275US, R3260US, R3249EA, R3247US, R3240US, R3230US, R3220US, R3215CA, R3214AP, R3213AP, R3210US, R3210AP, R3210, R3209AP, R3208AP, R3207AP, R3205US, R3204US, R3204AP, R3203US, R3203, R3202XX, R3202US, R3201XX, R3201AP, R3200 CTO, R3190US, R3190EA, R3160US, R3158EA, R3150US, R3145EA, R3140US, R3138EA, R3137EA, R3136EA, R3128RS, R3120US, R3117EA, R3116EA, R3114EA, R3113EA, R3112EA, R3111EA, R3103, R3101AP, R3070US, R3065US, R3060US, R3060EA, R3057EA, R3056RS, R3050US, R3050EA, R3040EA, R3039EA, R3038CL, R3030US, R3030EA, R3024AP, R3023AP, R3022AP, R3021AP, R3019AP, R3018AP, R3017AP, R3016AP, R3015AP, R3014AP, R3013AP, R3012AP, R3011AP, R3010EA, R3010AP, R3009AP, R3008AP, R3007AP, R3006AP, R3005AP, R3004XX, R3004US, R3004AP, R3003XX, R3003US, R3003AP, R3002AP, R3002, R3001US, R3001AP, R3001, R3000Z CTO, R3000T, R3000 (Intel), R3000 (AMD)

Compaq Presario 3000 Series
3050US, 3045US, 3017CL, 3015US, 3005US, 3000XX, 3000US, 3050, 3045, 3017, 3015, 3005, 3000

HP Compaq 9000 Notebook Series
NX9020, NX9010, NX9000

HP Compaq 9100 Notebook Series

HP Compaq 9500 Notebook Series

This adapter replaces HP Compaq P/Ns: PPP017H, 316688-001, 317188-001, PPP017L, 316687-00, 350221-001, 350775-001, 346958-001, 345312-002, DR912A or equivalent.
  • Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Output: DC 18.5V / 6.5A
  • Max Output Power: 120W
  • Power Cord: US Standard included
  • Color: Black
  • 12 months warranty

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March 26, 2018
Reviewer: Johnny Todd from harrells, NC United States  

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