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EY0L80B / EY0110B Universal Charger for Panasonic 7.2V - 24V Ni-CD, Ni-MH and Li-Ion Power Tool Batteries
Panasonic EY0L80B / EY0110B 7.2V - 24V Universal Charger

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Description Technical Specifications
Our EY0L80B / EY0110B charger set is designed to power up pod and slide style Panasonic 7.2V, 9.6V, 12V, 14.4V, 15.6V, 18V, 21.6V, and 24V NiCD, NiMH, and lithium-ion batteries. The charger features world-traveler input voltage of 110V-240V, LED indicators, and "smart" circuit design to prevent overheating and short circuits. The charger works with Panasonic EY9001, EY9006, EY9065, EY9066, EY9080, EY9086, EY9101, EY9103, EY9106, EY9107, EY9108, EY9116, EY9117, EY9136, EY9168, EY9180, EY9182, EY9184, EY9200, EY9200, EY9201, EY9210, EY9230, EY9231, EY9251, EY9251B11, EY9L40, EY970, EZ9108, EZ9200 power tool batteries. Our EY0L80B is compatible with the following cordless power tool models:

Panasonic Drills, Hammer Drills, Impact Drivers:
EY570, EY571, EY6000, EY6065, EY6100, EY6100FQKW, EY6101, EY6101FQKW, EY6102CRKW, EY6105, EY6107, EY6181, EY6181CQK, EY6181CRKW, EY6181EQKW, EY6181CRKW, EY6200, EY6207, EY6230, EY6230FQKW, EY6230NQKW, EY6281, EY6282EQK, EY6405, EY6405FQKW, EY6406, EY6406FQKW, EY6406FWKW, EY6406NQKW, EY6407, EY6407NQKW, EY6408, EY6409, EY6409GQKW, EY6409NQKW, EY6409X, EY6431, EY6431FQKW, EY6431NQKW, EY6432, EY6432FQKW, EY6432GQKW, EY6432NQKW, EY6450, EY6450GQKW, EY6470NQ, EY6506NQ, EY6506NQKW, EY6507NQ, EY6535GQW, EY6535NQKW, EY6535NQW, EY6588, EY6588CQ, EY6601BC, EY6780, EY6803GQW, EY6812, EY6812NQKW, EY6812VQKW, EY6813, EY6813FGQW, EY6813NQ, EY6813NQKW, EY6901, EY6902NQKW, EY6903GQKW, EY6903GQKW31, EY6903NQ, EY6932GQKW, EY6930, EY6930FQKW, EY6930NQKW, EY6931, EY6931NQKW, EY6950, EY6950GQKW, EY7000, EY7201GQKW, EY7202, EY7202GQKW, EY7202GQW, EY7202NQ, EY7206GQW, EY7270GQW, EY7271GQW, EY7440, EY7440LE, EY7440LN, EY7440LN2S, EY7440LZ, EY7440LZ2S, EY7440X, EY7441, EY7441LE, EY7441LR, EY7441LR2S/LE2S, EY7441LS, EY7442LR, EY7443LS, EY7450LR, EY7450LS, EY7460, EY7460LN, EY7460LN2S, EY7460LS, EY7460LZ, EY7460LZ2S, EY7460LZ2S31, EY7460X, EY74A1LS, EY7540, EY7540LN, EY7540LN2S, EY7540LZ, EY7540LZ2S, EY7540X, EY7541, EY7541LN, EY7541LN2S, EY7541LZ, EY7541LZ2S, EY7541X, EY7542LN2S, EY7542LR, EY7542LR2S, EY7542LZ2S, EY7542X, EY7542X31, EY7546LR, EY7546LR2S, EY7546LR2S, EY7546X, EY7547LR, EY7547LR2S, EY7547X, EY7549LS, EY7550LR, EY75A1LR, EY75A1LS2F, EY75A1LS2G, EY7840LN2S, EY7840LR, EY7840LR2S, EY7840LZ, EY7840LZ2S, EY7840X, EY7840X32, EY78A1LS2F, EY78A1LS2G, EY7940LR, EY7940LR2S, EY7940LS, EY7940LZ2S, EY7940LZ2S31, EY7940X, EY7950LR, EY7950LS, EY7960, EY7960LN, EY7960LN2S, EY7960LS, EY7960LZ, EY7960LZ2S31, EY7960X, EYFLA4A, EYFLA4AR, EYFLA5A, EYFLA5AR, EYN595BK, EZ3760, EZ6230, EZ6230N22K, EZ6631N22K, EZ6631X, EZ6930, EZ6931, EZ6931N22K, EZ6931X, EZ7460LZ1S-B, EZ7460X-B, EZ7544, EZ7544LN2S-B, EZ7544X-B, EZ7960, EZ7960LZ1S-B, EZ7960X-B

Panasonic Impact Wrenches:

Panasonic Rotary Hammers:
EY6808, EY7880

Panasonic Circular Wood, Glass and Metal Saws, Jig & Reciprocating Saws:
EY3502, EY3502FQ, EY3502FQMKW, EY3502NQ, EY3503, EY3503FQWKW, EY3530, EY3530FMKW, EY3530FQMKW, EY3530NQKW, EY3530NQMKW, EY3531, EY3531FQKW, EY3531FQWKW, EY3531NQKW, EY3531NQWKW, EY3551, EY3544, EY3544GQK, EY3544GQW, EY3550DQG, EY3550NQMKW, EY3551GQ, EY3551GQW, EY3552, EY3552GQW, EY4541, EY4541LN1S, EY4541LR, EY4541LS, EY4541LZ, EY4541X, EY4542, EY4542LN2M, EY4542LR, EY4542LR2M, EY4542LS, EY4542LZ, EY4542XM, EY4550X, EY45A1LS, EY45A2LS

Panasonic Caulking and Cartridge Guns:
EY3640, EY3640K, EY3640LR, EY3640LR1S, EY3640LS, EY3640LZ, EY3641, EY3641K, EY3641LR, EY3641LR1S, EY3641LS, EY3641LZ, EY3653, EY3653CQ, EY3654, EY3654CQ, EY3654FQW, EY3654NQW, EZ3530, EZ3530XM

Panasonic Grinders:
EY4640, EY4640LN1S, EY4640LR, EY4640LS, EY4640LZ, EY4640X

Panasonic Flashlights and Lanterns:
EY3740, EY3740B, EY3741, EY3741B, EY3790, EY3790B, EY3793, EY3793B, EY3794B, EY3795B, EY3796, EY3796B, EY37C1B, EY37C2B

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners:
EY3760, EY3760B

Panasonic Blowers:

Panasonic Combo Kits:

and more models.

The EY0110 replaces Panasonic OEM part numbers: EY0L80B, EY0110B, EY0110, EY0202B, EY0212B, EY0214B, EY0214B11, EY0213B, EY02302, EY0230B, EY0900, EY0900B, EY0901B, EY0L81B, EY0L82B, EY503B7658.

  • 100% compatible with original manufacturer equipment and batteries
  • Microprocessor control charge
  • Overcharge protection
  • LED indicators
  • Universal voltage input: 110v-240v
  • Comes with adapter and power cord
  • 24 months warranty

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